“Even if you have a glimmer of a doubt that this is the right thing, you should DEFINITELY do it, no matter what.” ~Christie C., Thrive In 35 Participant

“When it comes to hard work and achieving results, Christie is a rockstar!” says Kevin Rawson, General Manager and Fitness Coach at Method3 Fitness. “She shows up early for class to foam roll and stretch. Then, once the workout begins, she takes it on full force.” The coaches agree that Christie is determined to improve in her workouts and at the end of every workout, she has a big smile on her face. Mission accomplished.

But according to Christie, it wasn’t always this way.

Reasons For Enrolling In Thrive

“When I first came to Method3 Fitness, I was feeling unhealthy and sluggish. I was unhappy about the way I was feeling about myself and I really wanted to make a change. I wanted to learn how to eat healthy.” That’s why Christie enrolled in Thrive In 35. According to this young mom, it was even better than she had hoped!

Not Your Typical “Diet”

Right from the get-go, Christie learned that she didn’t have to restrict herself in order to lose weight. “You can eat a lot! As long as you do it moderately, throughout the day, and in a healthy way.”

One of the hallmarks of Thrive In 35 is our focus on educating clients so they make smart choices that are filling, satisfying, and good for their bodies. Says one coach, “They quickly learn that healthier options are more nutritious AND less calorie dense, which means they can have MORE than if they chose junk food. Would you rather have a quarter cup of rice or an entire cup of strawberries?” Plus, the recipes are so delicious, the whole family loves them, which is important for clients like Christie, who want to set a good example for their children.

“My youngest is five. It’s kind of influenced them as well.”

Christie’s Results

Christie rocking an early morning workout at Method3 Fitness.

Most notable are the amazing results that Christie achieved both during Thrive and beyond.

“Within the first week I lost a significant amount. I had a lot more energy because I was eating better and my mood changed. I was happier.” In the end, Christie lost a total of 20.2 pounds, 12.5 inches, and 10.1% body fat. In addition to achieving this amazing outcome, she has maintained her results more than a year and a half later!

“It’s the BEST choice that I’ve made.”

The Method3 Fitness Community

Christie says that her favorite part  of being at Method3 Fitness is the accountability. The coaches make sure that you’re coming in consistently to work out and they take the time to check in with your progress. Add to that, the positive, supportive community, and you have a recipe for success!

“I’ve met so many people. They’re friendly and supportive and it’s just great. A lot of them have become my friends now.”

Get Results Like Christie

Enrollment for the upcoming Thrive In 35 has begun. There are only 75 spots total and they always fill up fast!!! So, if you’re ready to take control of your health and fitness goals once and for all, sign up for Thrive In 35. Call us NOW at (408)371-1212 and reserve your spot today!

“Even if you have a glimmer of a doubt that this is the right thing, you should DEFINITELY do it, no matter what.” Christie says. “It’s definitely a positive thing and super beneficial to your health. I think you’ll be really happy that you decided to do it.”

Enroll Today

Sign up today so you have the opportunity join 74+ new friends on your best nutrition and fitness journey ever! Thrive In 35 will officially run from Sunday April 15th through Saturday May 19th with a mandatory orientation on Friday April 13th. Starting measurements taking place the week before.

EARLY BIRD PRICING: Current Partners can enroll for only $247.

New Partners enroll for $347 and workouts are included. The price goes up at 4:00pm on Friday March 30th ($297 for current partners and $397 for new partners) so ACT FAST. Enroll today!

In addition to learning how to properly fuel your body for weight loss and lasting health, you will gain a newfound confidence in your body and in yourself. Click here to read more about Thrive In 35 or simply call us NOW at (408)371-1212 and reserve your spot today!

Stronger for Today,

The Method3 Fitness Team

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