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Live Stronger For Today

The world around us has changed, but your fitness doesn't have to bear the burden.

Method3 Fitness is proud to serve our members and new friends with updated standards of sanitization in our studio & online training for those who can't come train in person. We're able to provide the same motivation & support that San Jose has come to know and love even when we're all practicing social distancing. With live online sessions, you can train with your fitness family in the comfort of your own home.

But as we gradually reopen the studio, we're also dedicated to making sure that everyone stays safe in person. We've put together some information on what our new protocols are. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

Our Re-Opening Protocols

So whether you're interested in joining us in the studio or online, we can't wait for you to get started on your journey with us. We're trying to help San Jose be #StrongerForToday!


Method3 Fitness is a hidden gem in San Jose. Their training staff, nutritionist, and owner have set the standard high for fitness, goals, and overall well-being. The community at this studio is amazing as well!

Give them a call.

Hillary Young

This is an outstanding program with outstanding people running it. The trainers, coaches are outstanding. I have been in the program since 2017. I still have lots of work to do but the journey and work completed thus far, has been amazing and worthwhile. Don't even blink, do it.

Susana Hamilton

The group aspect of things is really motivating to me. It's a very welcoming, un-intimidating experience that is very inclusive. Instructors are upbeat, really nice, helpful with their tips and they are of high quality in terms of professionalism and skills. The facility is clean, convenient for me to get to, has parking, and isn't a 'big box.' Classes offer a good variety of choices with alternatives for just about every move. I like classes with a mix of girls and guys, too. I also like that your program keeps me really accountable in a very friendly way. It gets me out of bed very early and I've never not wanted to go!

Kay Finnochiaro Lawton

The trainers are great. They listen to my concerns, tailor my workout to address current body issues (sore neck, tight muscles, etc) and make the workouts challenging, varied and productive. I feel like we are a team.

Eileen B

Trainers are energetic and pay attention to details. They know everyone and make sure to give individual feedback to each customer “family member”. There are many up to date programs to help you loose weight or gain strength either in group format or individual personal training sessions. If I can’t do a certain exercise there is always an option to modify. The place is clean and always friendly. They are also involved in the community and local business. Great place overall. You will always find something to do or someone to encourage you. Thanks for being awesome.

Yasser Khalil

Elliot Tally