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Nutrition is a cornerstone habit to sustained success with your health, fitness, and physique. You can’t out-train a bad diet and we’ll coach you with our proven method to finally fit nutrition into your life with delicious meals designed to help you shed unwanted pounds and improve your performance.

Thrive life

When group coaching isn’t enough, Thrive Life takes things to the next level by focusing exclusively on YOU.

Our coaches are certified as fitness coaches, behavior change specialists, and weight management specialists. Thus, they are equipped to coach you in all stages of your journey to health as you learn improve the way you move, eat, and think.

Losing weight and keeping it off can be tough because let’s face it, LIFE can be tough. It’s always throwing curveballs at you in an attempt to derail your efforts.

By working 1:1 with our coaches we’ll help you navigate these tough times and help teach you how to eat for life to achieve and sustain your weight loss goals, improve your performance and build your confidence.

What does Thrive LIFE Include?

  • Individualized portions sheets and menus
  • 1:1 coaching 2x/month or weekly based on your goals and current needs
  • Delicious family-friendly recipes & sample meal and snack suggestions
  • Organized grocery lists
  • Awesome accountability with weekly weigh-ins, food journal review
  • Exercise recommendations and coaching
  • A more in-depth and individualized education and coaching than our group-based Thrive program to help coach you where you’re at in life and improve on the 3 critical areas that will help you achieve your goals; the way you move, eat, and think.

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