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Goals Over Resolutions

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Goals Over Resolutions

A new year means a new set of resolutions.

Given that less than 10% of people actually stick to their resolution long enough to achieve them, I want to encourage you to start thinking about setting a goal rather than a resolution.

I absolutely LOVE the concept of goal setting. In fact, I think it’s absolutely critical for long-term success.

The problem arises when we align the goal to a specific time of year that both prevents us from taking action NOW and gives us permission to abandon the goal once that time of year passes.

Let me explain…

If you have a goal to get yourself healthier, there’s no better time to take action than in that very moment of decision. When we make a resolution for in the new year getting healthier, we aren’t taking action until then and also gives you an excuse to keep up unhealthy habits until the new year. Putting it off to start on a certain date can be a recipe for either failing to start or failing to stick with it.

Because when you’re serious about something, you take action NOW.

Also, having that time-oriented mindset can mean that if too much time passes (like it gets to the end of January before you take action on a resolution), it’s very common for people to just call it all a wash start over in February.

Have you ever experienced either of these scenarios?

Most of us have… myself included! The best thing you can do is take IMMEDIATE action when you’re committing to making a change.

So, while I’m fully in support of setting goals, statistics show that “resolutions” can be overrated.

I want to encourage you to start thinking about this new lifestyle you want to create and choose that new lifestyle in each moment and in every action. This is, of course, easier said than done… but we know you can do it!! #YouGotThis

What’s your #1 goal you are working towards?

What are you going to do TODAY to take a step closer towards achieving that goal?


Live Stronger For Today,
John Heringer
Chief Motivator, Method3 Fitness

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