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  • I'm So Sick of This

    I'm So Sick of This

    As if we don’t have enough stress in our lives during a global pandemic, there’s this one thing I’m seeing all the time online right now that’s really ruffling my feathers. It’s this idea of "food dogma". Everyone seemingly has STRONG and unshakeable, yet highly judgmental positions… "Don’t eat fruit. It’ll make you fat." "Blue cheese dressing!? You might as well eat a Big Mac & fries." "Meat is horrible for you and unnatural for humans to consume." "But also… meat should be the basis of your whole diet." Seriously…can we celebrate those who are making an effort toward changing their habits ....

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  • Be Like Your Dog

    Be Like Your Dog

    What if you looked at yourself the way your dog looks at you? What if you spoke his or her thoughts about you to yourself? What if you showed yourself as much love as your dog shows you? Dogs see right through to your soul. They don’t come with judgement, they don’t neglect you, and even if they could talk, they’d express nothing but love. So, why can’t we see so much worthiness in ourselves? Why can’t we accept ourselves for who we are? This is one of the most common things I see from clients when they start working with us… Years of defeat from personal neglect, bad-mouthing themselves, and a deep-rooted belief ....

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  • Your Magic Weight Loss Bullet

    Your Magic Weight Loss Bullet

    It’s no surprise that each year that goes by has more people on earth struggling with their weight. And it’s certainly not for a lack of information out there. With each year comes more info, books, diets, workout programs, gurus, and more. The pill that “sets your metabolism on fire.” The shake that “is every nutrient you need in a day.” The workout that “melts fat.” So, if there’s more information and help available than ever before, why do people increasingly struggle with their weight? I’ll tell you… It’s because they want it to be easy, and when it’s not they quit. Or ....

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  • Have You Ever Said This?

    Have You Ever Said This?

    One of the biggest phrases I’m constantly hearing from people is one that steals your dreams and is just a lie we tell ourselves. “I need to get my ducks in a row...” Before I get heathy. Before I start my business. Before I leave a miserable relationship. Whatever the case may be, that dream-killing phrase is never the truth. Because you're always ready before you think that you are. That phrase simply buys time, and it’s a sneaky form of procrastination that will keep you stuck indefinitely. You will NEVER have your “ducks in a row.” It’s just another way of saying “when the timing is ....

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  • Choose To Have It All

    Choose To Have It All

    Why do we feel like we have to choose? Between the successful career and an amazing family? Between taking care of our health and time with kids? Between doing the things we love and fulfilling our obligations? What if we could actually have it all? The family, career, health/fitness, freedom… Because it’s possible. Most people just don’t believe it. Life is about AND... Having health AND success. Having family AND self-care. We’ve got to get out of the mindset that we can’t have it all so you can actually begin to allow it into your life. You know those families you look at and wonder how the parents seem so ....

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  • Stop Doing This NOW!

    Stop Doing This NOW!

    Having spent over a decade working in health and wellness, I’ve seen a lot of people succeed and a lot of people fail when it comes to their health. One of the top reasons I see people fail to even start is that “it’s too expensive.” Whether they’re talking about healthy foods or my coaching services, it seems people put a serious price tag on their health. And I've got to talk about that today! If you’ve ever said “it’s too expensive” when it comes to improving your health, this is for you… • Walking is free. • Healthy food is often cheaper that fast food – especially if ....

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  • Delicious No-Cook Meal Prep Recipe

    Delicious No-Cook Meal Prep Recipe

    I’ve got a really simple but delicious grab-and-go salad recipe for you today! Meal prep plays a big role in sticking to your nutrition game plan, and this recipe will help make your life a lot easier AND stay on track with your goals. It’s perfect for the work week (at home or in-office) and you can customize it based on your taste and what veggies you have on hand. Feel free to experiment because you can’t go wrong! Also – you can amp up the protein quotient on this by adding your choice of protein just before serving. Try shrimp, chicken, cooked beef, black or pinto beans, or tofu. Store this as-is, without the dressing or ....

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  • Turn Off the Negative Voice in Your head

    Turn Off the Negative Voice in Your head

    Did you know that your inner dialogue (aka the “voice in your head”) is one of the biggest influencers on your confidence and self-esteem? If your self-talk is positive and empowering – fantastic! That didn’t happen by accident. You developed a HABIT of speaking to yourself that way, and your life likely reflects that positivity. But if your self-talk tends to be on the negative side (which is the case for a LOT of people), I’ve got some coaching tips that can help you turn it around. The first thing to know is that you are NOT your thoughts. That little voice in your head can say a LOT of things that aren’t always true. ....

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  • We Asked the WRONG Question ...

    We Asked the WRONG Question ...

    A while ago I read something that absolutely blew my mind! It actually made me step back and rethink some of the things I’ve been taught. Exactly how long does it take to create a habit? It’s a question researchers have been trying to answer for years. We’ve heard everything from 3 weeks to 90 days to even longer! But … what if that’s the WRONG QUESTION? What if instead, we ask: how many “repetitions” of an action do you have to do before it becomes a habit? This is SO POWERFUL because it is more action oriented. It takes you out of the “passive” mode of waiting for time to pass … to being in ....

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  • What the World is Craving Right Now

    What the World is Craving Right Now

    In a social media and celebrity world, it’s can be hard to know how to show up. Should you look perfect? Should you speak flawlessly? Should you show how you’ve got your whole life together – that you are truly one of the Jones’s? I’m here to tell you that NONE of that matters. There’s no one to keep up with, and in fact, people want the real version of you more than they could possibly want anything else. The world is craving authenticity in a way we’ve never seen. We’re tired of admiring the perfect wealthy celebrities. We’re tired of the pressure of being anyone but ourselves. I specialize in helping ....

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