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Your Values & Your Actions

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Your Values & Your Actions

Have you ever set goals, but then struggled to actually achieve those goals? I know I have!

When you aren’t where you want to be in any area of life whether it’s your body and health, your relationships, or work/life balance, it’s for one reason…

Your VALUES are misaligned with your ACTIONS

Let’s say you want to lose weight. Weight loss becomes your value. But what actions are you taking towards that value? If…

-You hit the drive thru when you’re rushed.
-You keep saying “on Monday” you’ll get your workouts going.
-You got that Frappuccino “just one more time” for your afternoon pick-me-up.

Those are all simply examples of your actions…that are clearly misaligned with the value of losing weight.

Examples of aligned actions would be…
-Preparing a protein shake at home.
-Going to the gym TODAY.
-Having a hot tea instead of the Frappuccino.

It’s truly each and every choice you make daily that get you where you are right now OR where you want to be.

It’s in each decision that your future is being created!

Whoa! That’s big and it’s the absolute truth.

So, what is your VALUE for 2020?

Can you identify any misalignment with your actions? Or perhaps you can pinpoint when there is awesome alignment of your daily actions to that value?

Next time you find yourself in a moment of choice…remember that’s when you’re creating your future. Stay strong and make the right choice for you!!


Live Stronger For Today,
The Method3 Fitness Team

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