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Method3 Fitness Now A Proud Distributor of Prestige Labs!

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Method3 Fitness Now A Proud Distributor of Prestige Labs!

What’s up Method3 Partners!!
The moment that you (and we) have been waiting for!!
Method3 Fitness is now the proud distributor of Prestige Labs Supplement line!!! This supplement line is PhD formulated and approved and used by tons of athletes, coaches, and clients world wide.
It’s been such crazy work behind the scenes to bring this to you. Truly it’s been years in the making with some intense concerted research and effort last year.
And we can FINALLY say WE DID IT!!
WHY? Lots of reasons.

  • It’s near impossible to get all of the necessary nutrients from food these days.
  • Great supplements accelerate and produce better results AND improve health and vitality.
  • We get questions from partners all the time on supplements and we wanted to find a great company we could partner with and bring them to you! (instead of you going to XYZ supplement store where they don’t know you at all, nor is the employee necessarily educated on fitness and supplements)

Until now, nothing has really wowed us….whether it be product efficacy, price, mixability, purity, etc.
And FINALLY we found a fantastic company to partner with, Prestige Labs.
Formulated by Dr. Trevor Kashey, a biochemist, fitness enthusiast and nutrition coach in his own right and led on the business side by Alex Hormozi, an extremely intelligent businessman (and past studio owner) and a huge proponent of health, fitness, and supporting studios like Method3.

Why else do we like Prestige Labs?

  • They want Prestige Labs ONLY in the hands of coaches and studio owners because they believe that it’s us who are truly taking care of our client needs when it comes to nutrition and training (not the big box supplement store down the street)
  • You must pass a certification in order to sell them! We LOVE that and YES, the entire team is certified. 🙂
  • They use HIGH quality, bioavailable, ingredients and the PURITY is tested at both bulk and final mixing stages! (in other words, the ingredients get absorbed AND work better!)
  • All supplements are made in a cGMP Certified Facility that has never failed an inspection (unheard of!)

This is sooooo awesome and we are so excited to share them with you!
And now….PART TWO of our Big Announcement:
To CELEBRATE this partnership, we are hosting a “Feel Great In 28 Team Challenge” sponsored by Prestige Labs.
It is FREE for you!!
No, that wasn’t a typo, FREE.
We’ll meet up with you for your mandatory nutrition orientation, go over our new INCREDIBLE packet with easy meal plans, awesome grocery lists, food journals, habit trackers, and more PLUS some kick butt accountability as we place you into teams led by our staff!
And yes, we’ll show you all of the awesome new supplements too!
Suffice to say we could easily sell this new program to people for close to $500 which we will do in the future…
However, as a thank you for being such an awesome partner and since we wanted to WOW you as we enter 2020 and kick off your results with a bang, it is FREE for you.

Here are the details of the challenge:

Registration: Happening now so reserve your spot. Since it’s free, we’ll run out of spots fast.

Weigh-Ins/Nutrition Orientation: Fri-Sun 1/10 – 1/12

Challenge Duration: Sun 1/19 – Sat 2/15 (28 days)

Final Check-Ins – Fri-Sun 2/13 – 2/15

We can’t express how amazing these supplements are and how they are going to give you the absolute EDGE in your journey to weight loss, strength, endurance, and vitality! Not to mention help you CRUSH this challenge! 🙂
We can’t wait to rock this 28 day journey with you!!
Much love!!
Live Stronger For Today,
John & The Method3 Fitness Team
P.S. As a distributor, Method3 gets 40% off the retail consumer price and we are extending that discount to ALL of you!!! 🙂

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