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8 Ways To Fire It Up When You're Feeling Down

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8 Ways To Fire It Up When You're Feeling Down

Hey there fitness friends! Do you experience days you feel down? Times you don’t want to workout or just “do what you’re supposed to do?” Well I hear you!! Yes, even the “Chief Motivator” has days where the motivation wanes…where I don’t want to put the work in, where I don’t want to workout, where I feel down….and it’s days like those (Tuesday of this week for me) where I try to execute on the tips below. Use one or use them all and KEEP AT IT!!

1. Stop and remember my WHY…not just for my family, or our partners, or for my team, but for ALL of the people that I’ve been called to help and have yet to help. ❤️

2. Along with #1, remember my PURPOSE – That I was put on this Earth to help inspire people and bring positive change to their lives…and to have a FUN time doing it.

3. Find the joy in my current task – No matter how small that joy may be, how can I bring it to light and EXPAND it and bring it into ALIGNMENT with my Why and Purpose, so I can rock my work with a smile 🤩

4. Challenge myself to work on something for XX # of minutes – Sometimes just 5-10 minutes at a time and then a small break. Then I can build upon that and ramp up the work time.

5. Honor my mindset (and body) where it’s at – Sometimes no matter how much you try to “think positive” it’s just plain difficult to do. And so workouts can suffer as well or feel too much like a chore…So I try to honor my mindset and body where it’s at…am I frustrated? Maybe a harder workout will feel great and re-energize me! Am I feeling down? Maybe a walk in the sunshine, stretching, or some slow lap swim and truly being PRESENT is just they recovery I need.

6. SMILE!!! Even if I’m not feeling my best I force myself to smile. Why? Because others smile back and there is INSTANTANEOUS positive energy created that BOTH of us can feed on. (plus, who wants to looks at a grumpy person with a frown?) 😂

7. Connect and Be Grateful – When I’m having a tough day I try to reach out to people in my life. Maybe a quick text to a friend I haven’t chatted with in awhile to say hi, a call to Mom or Dad, or even a random conversation with someone at Starbucks. 😁 I also try to bring gratitude to all of the AMAZING things and people I have in my life…good health, family, etc. PERSPECTIVE and gratitude can be a great way to bring positive energy.

8. Be Present and See The Small Things – On this particular past Tuesday I walked into a local coffee shop and stood there for a second….not sure if I would walk back out and wander aimlessly for bit….but I HEARD something…The overhead music…and what tune was playing???? YEP, the EYE OF THE TIGER. Needless to say, I smiled and I knew I was in the right place and that THIS particular song was being played for me at the right time.

So I smiled….and got to work. ☺️

I hope some of these tips help you on your journey to always bring your best every day….to the best of your ability.

Much love and keep living Stronger For Today!! ❤️

John Heringer

Chief Motivator

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