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Swap Out That Processed Lunch For A Fresh And Healthy Chopped Salad

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Now that you’re ready to “Trade Up” here is a simple recipe for a chopped salad. It will take an extra minute or two to make, but they are so good. Treat yourself with a good chopped salad. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Upgrading our habits, one at a time!

Salad Ideas

Choose ingredients you love. You don’t have to use anything elaborate for this salad, get a mix of your favorites and make sure they are fresh. Here are some ideas:

  • Fresh dark leafy greens
  • Carrots, celery, colorful bell peppers
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • Cooked uncured bacon
  • Fruit (apples and berries are great additions)
  • Fresh grilled chicken
  • Almonds, pecans or walnuts
  • Avocado
  • Goat cheese
  • And if you want to jazz it up, pumpkin seeds and roasted butternut squash are also great this time of year!

Let’s Build

Prior to assembly, wash all produce and thoroughly dry. Chopping can make the salad more water than usual, which can affect it’s texture. Toss all your ingredients, except avocado, into a salad bowl. Dump it back out onto a chopping board. Using a large, sharp knife, chop your ingredients into bite-sized pieces.

When your salad has reached the perfect consistency, put it back in the bowl, drizzle it with your favorite dressing and top with avocado and cheese if you’re using them.

Simple Salad Dressing

Serves: 1


½ Tb. Apple Cider Vinegar

1½ Tb. Olive Oil

Himalayan salt and fresh pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a covered container and shake it till its all combined. Taste and adjust the vinegar if you want more. For larger servings, it’s a a 1:3 ratio of vinegar to oil.

Mix it into the salad and it’s time to eat! This is a really fast and easy salad that you’ll actually look forward to. Try it and let me know what you think.

Stronger for Today,

The Method3 Fitness Team

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