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San Jose Personal Trainer Reveals Our Best Tip for Body Fat Loss

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San Jose Personal Trainer Reveals Our Best Tip for Body Fat Loss

As San Jose personal trainers, we often have people coming to us wanting to lose 20, 30, or even 40+ pounds. When we start asking questions about diet and lifestyle, the MAJORITY of them report an essentially solid diet. Some even report undereating! But if that was the case, in most situations body fat loss would be the natural result. So how do we solve the mystery? Read on to find out.

Most of Us Eat More Than We Think

We’ve come to discover over the years, working in the fitness industry that most people eat way more than they think they do. This includes:

  • Larger portions
  • More frequent snacking
  • An overabundance of highly processed, calorie-dense foods

If you REALLY want to get a handle on how much you’re consuming and create heightened awareness that will serve you going forward, here’s what you can do:

Keep a Food Journal

This is one of the key ways that our San Jose personal trainers assess your eating habits. Clients tell us that it is not only eye opening, but it also makes them more aware of the times when they snack between meals (i.e. the snack dish at work, while preparing dinner, or sampling their kids’ snacks).

How to Keep a Journal

Here’s a simple way you can get started with food journaling.

  1. Carry a small notebook with you for 3 days of your normal life – where you’re going through a normal daily routine. I’d recommend including a weekend day in there as well. Don’t try to make any adjustments yet. Just do what comes naturally.
  2. Simply observe what happens by writing everything down. This includes every little sip or taste of something. Remember, your only goal is to record everything, not make any changes.
  3. At the end of the 3 days, reflect on the following: What did you notice that you were unaware of? Where did you overdo it?

Based on this, you can not only make changes going forward but you will also have heightened awareness about your behaviors, which will lead you to easier and sustainable fat loss.

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