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Stop Depriving Yourself! Nutrition Trick to Lose Weight Without Restriction

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Stop Depriving Yourself! Nutrition Trick to Lose Weight Without Restriction

Do you think eating a healthy diet means you are stuck with boring meals? Well, our San Jose personal trainers are here to respectfully inform you that this way of thinking is INCORRECT! So stop depriving yourself and take advantage of this simple trick to lose weight without restriction.

Experiment with Recipes, Both New & Old

Our San Jose coaches have a little trick to show you… One of the things we do when we make a recipe (old or new) is estimate the calorie and macro-nutrient breakdown, so we have an idea of serving sizes. You can do this too, with all your faves (as well as new recipes you want to try)! When you have an idea of the nutritional breakdown of what you’re eating, you can eat pretty much anything you want – all you have to do is adjust your PORTION SIZE! It’s easier (and faster!) than ever to calculate nutrition info because there are dozens of tools online to help you do that. Some to check out include:

Log on to one of those sites. Input your ingredients and the amounts to get an idea of the right serving size for you. Note: Save time while inputting your recipes by leaving out calorie-free foods (like spices). They won’t have an impact on the nutrition breakdown.

Update Recipes with Healthier Ingredients

Finding out the calories/macro-nutrients in your recipes can be a pretty eye-opening exercise, especially if you’ve got a stockpile of old family recipes. They usually contain more of certain food groups (most often starchy carbohydrates and fat) than your body needs in one sitting. So once you know what in your grandmother’s famous lasagna recipe, you might want to save it for just special occasions! When you want to be able to increase your serving size, you can do one of two things:

  • Scale back on calorie/heavy ingredients OR
  • Substitute calorie/heavy ingredients

The key is to do this without drastically affecting the taste. This is a great opportunity to update those recipes (or your normal portion sizes) to reflect your goals. If you enjoy cooking, it can be fun to tweak recipes to make them tastier AND healthier. In fact, if you want a great resource, you can check out “Eat This, Not That: Healthy Swaps for Weight Loss” or any of the other recipes we have on this blog!

Learn to Create Your Own Healthy Meals

We’ve taught hundreds of clients how to create their own meals and gain control of their eating habits through our flagship 35 day fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching program, Thrive In 35. Thrive In 35 is designed to help you shed lbs, get fit, and gain confidence. We not only give you a collection of recipes that your entire family love. We also help you tweak your favorite dishes so that they’re healthier and still taste delicious! Thrive sells out of 75 spots, every time (as it did just recently). Click here to get on the early bird list for the next one.

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