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Kitchen Gifts for Mom: Our Top Picks for Quick Meal Prep & Weight Loss

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Kitchen Gifts for Mom: Our Top Picks for Quick Meal Prep & Weight Loss

Need ideas for what to give Mom on her birthday, on Mother’s Day, and beyond? Today we’re going to share our top nominations for small kitchen appliances that are huge time-savers and must-haves!Any of these could also make for great practical gifts for your mom (or yourself!). They won’t just take up valuable counter or cabinet space – you’ll actually get a TON of use out of them!

Rice Cooker

A few years ago, a chef friend said that he always uses a rice cooker to make rice and other grains (like quinoa). Some might write it off as an unnecessary splurge. After all, you can cook it on your own in a pot if you’ve got about 45-60 minutes to wait. But trust us when we say the rice cooker is totally worth it! Every batch comes out great in about 20 minutes and you don’t have to watch the stove to make sure your rice isn’t gummy or overcooked. Our coaches use it regularly for quinoa or brown rice. Rice cookers are relatively inexpensive so they definitely are a must-have!

Slow Cooker

Chances are, you (or your mom) have one of these kicking around, but if you don’t, definitely consider picking up one. If you meal prep, these will help you multitask big-time. You can even roast a chicken in a slow cooker while you’re using your stove/oven for other things!

Note: consider what you’ll be cooking before you buy a slow cooker, as they come in a variety of sizes. If you plan on roasting chickens or cooking in bulk/for a crowd, get a bigger cooker. Likewise, if you hate leftovers and mostly will be cooking for one or two, buy a smaller version.

Instant Pot

Instant Pots are all the rage right now. They are the updated pressure cookers. If the idea of cutting how long it takes to cook meals like pot roast, stews or other dishes that take a hours to cook, you might consider buying one of these. They come with dozens of options, and some even make yogurt!

These are NOT to be used by unattended kids, because the appliances cook at high pressure. Even though safety measures are built into the devices, you still need to pay attention! And make sure to read the instructions. We promise… it’s totally worth the extra time 🙂

Buying Tip: think about how you (or your mom) will want to use your Instant Pot and choose the option that best suits your preferences. I decided to buy “up” a model since I might want to experiment with different kinds of yogurt.

Bonus: Ninja Gift-Giving Tip

To make these gifts more fun and personal, include some fun or exotic ingredients:

  • recipe book(s)
  • spices
  • nutrition guide
  • or other items that you think your mom will enjoy.

Actually, we have a solid list of soups and stews that can be made in the slow cooker and/or eaten with rice. Find these recipes and more in our blog!

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