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Balance Is a Myth

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Balance Is a Myth

There’s been this concept of work-life balance floating around for years now. It’s the idea that there’s a magical ratio of work hours to home life hours to relaxation, which is somehow elusive to most people. That’s because it doesn’t truly exist. Why?

Realize That “Perfect Balance” is Personal

Perfect balance isn’t something someone else can create for you. We’re all unique individuals with unique life circumstances.Truth bomb: The ideal balance for you is something you create for yourself. It’s based on a few factors:

  • Your own experience
  • Your personal goals and values
  • Trial and error

What will work for one person and make them feel balanced will be entirely different for another.

Find Your Unique Flavor of Balance

How do you find homeostasis in your life? We suggest a combination of reflection and organization strategies to help you find clarity and put some order in your life:

  1. Write down the things that are important to you and your sanity. These can be as simple as “spending time with my family” or “enjoying an hour of quiet time each day.” They can also be as big as core personal values. Click here for a great list of values you can draw from.
  2. Utilize a calendar. Literally everything from sleep time to workouts to downtime goes in that calendar. You won’t have to do this forever – just until the routine feels freeing, natural, and “balanced.” Use the Unschedule section of our Goal Setting Happy Hour Workbook to begin revealing hours you are free.
  3. Don’t cross work and down time. Avoid bringing work home with you. When there is no separation between work and home life, you always feel like you’re on the clock.
  4. Ensure you schedule doing things you LOVE every week. Interestingly, so much of our free time gets wasted with things like social media and TV, but including things that you really love and set your soul on fire will make you feel far more rejuvenated.

Take Your Time

Instead of hoping the mystical work-life balance finds you someday, try the above. It may take some time, but eventually, you’ll begin feeling much more productive and energized. What does your ideal balanced life look like? Let us know below.

Stronger for Today,

The Method3 Fitness Team

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