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5 Signs You Are Chronically Fit

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5 Signs You Are Chronically Fit

There are very distinct mindsets that differentiate those who are chronically fit from those who wish to be. Just to be clear, chronically fit DOES NOT describe an ideal body, but rather a dedication to lifelong health and fitness. It’s a mindset that compels individuals to work hard so they can conquer their weight loss and performance goals. Do you think you have the mindset of someone who is chronically fit? Read on to discover the top 5 Signs That You Are Chronically Fit.

1) You Look forward to Your Workouts

Chronically fit people may not be super excited for every single workout, but overall, they appreciate what their bodies are capable of. They also enjoy the feeling of getting stronger, so they’re willing to put in the effort that it takes to progress. If you experience a sense of dread or pain around the idea of exercise, something is awry. It could be that…

  • You aren’t attending the type of workout you enjoy. You know the saying “different strokes for different folks?” This applies to exercise. There are many options out there for mixing up your routine. Find a format that you actually like, so you will stick with it for the long haul.
  • You hired the wrong personal trainer. Expertise and experience vary across trainers. You need to find someone you gel with, who understands your body and can help you progress at a pace that’s right for you.
  • You’re resistance is talking to you. Sometimes a negative attitude is simply a bad habit. Try asking yourself “Do I really dislike my workouts?” Whether the answer is yes or no, start searching for the aspects of exercise that you like. Is it the results? The community (i.e. the other members)? Once you find your positives, repeat them as often as you can so you can start developing that fit mindset.

2) You Rock Cardio for Endurance, Not Fat Burn

Unless, it’s personal preference or they’re training for a particular event, fit people know that fat loss occurs best with strength training. They have developed or regularly attend workouts that are efficient, so that they don’t require hours of effort. And the cardio… they like it for the pure joy of the sport or event they are participating in, such as cycling, running races, hiking, dancing, etc.

Note: A dislike of cardio is not a deal breaker for the title of chronically fit. You don’t have to love it. But chronically fit people aren’t afraid to challenge themselves with cardio (at an appropriate level) when the time comes, especially if it fits with their fitness goals.

3) You Say “No, Thank You” to Restrictive Calorie Counting

Research has long since debunked the notion that restriction equals better results for weight loss. The truth is, that stuff just doesn’t work in the long run. Chronically fit people know that. Through education and practice, they’ve found a way of eating they can sustain forever that encompasses all foods they love and prevents binging. As Sue, our Director of Nutrition, would say, it’s all about making smart choices. For more tips on healthy eating and recipes you can use at home, check out some of our latest nutrition blogs!

4) You Refuse to Place Blame

It’s easy to blame everything but ourselves when we’re not getting the results we want. Slow metabolism? Family members? Your busy schedule? As San Jose personal trainers, we’ve heard them all. The truth is that, people who are committed to achieving their goals look for solutions so they can get fit and stay fit. What are the solutions, you ask?

  • Preparing your meals in advance
  • Scheduling your workouts ahead of time
  • Creating a solid routine of self care to reduce stress

If something is truly important to you, you make it happen, right? Chronically fit people know that.

5) You Choose Balance Over Excuses.

This is worth saying separately. Even though there are so many potential excuses they could use for not achieving their fitness goals, such as a love of food or alcohol, chronically fit people don’t use them. Instead, they’ve chosen to find balance. You can have it all if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, but what’s important is how you feel. If you eat in a way that nourishes your body and has you feeling satisfied too, that’s a win. If you’re able to consistently squeeze in 2-3 workouts a week within an otherwise jam-packed schedule, you’re crushing it.

You see, staying chronically fit doesn’t come down to a specific gene or being wired a certain way. Most of us are on an even playing field. We’re all given a fair shot when it comes to achieving our own personal ideal of fitness. It’s the mindset and effort that is different. Make it your goal to adopt a chronically fit mindset and everything else is sure to be right behind.

Stronger for Today,
The Method3 Fitness Team

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