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To Eat Carbs or Not to Eat Carbs...

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To Eat Carbs or Not to Eat Carbs...

Starchy carbs get so much attention when it comes to nutrition conversations. Some diets encourage you to eat them while others make you eliminate them entirely. The fact of the matter is, carbohydrates are the biggest double-edged sword our bodies have to deal with. In this piece, we’ll not only tell you why, but also show you ways to tweak your meal plan so you can enjoy your carbs without guilt.

The Problem with Starchy Carbs

Our body gets it’s energy from glucose molecules (carbs in their basic sugar form), but they weren’t designed to take in the levels that are typical of the American diet today. When our body gets an onslaught of starchy carbs (usually from refined sugars in all of our indulgence foods or simple carbs found in anything baked with flour), it handles them by releasing insulin. Insulin is responsible for a lot of important functions in the body, but by design, it is a storage hormone. So instead of signaling our body to burn fat, our bodies actually get the signal to STORE FAT whenever we eat a lot of starchy carbs.

Where are Carbs Found?

Carbs are found in a lot of different foods but in general you can view them in this distinction: Fibrous versus starchy.

Fibrous Carb Rich Foods that Help with Fat Loss:

  • Raw or lightly cooked vegetables
  • Beans and legumes (in moderate portions)
  • Some fruits (mostly berries)

Starchy Carbs that Work Against Fat Loss:

  • All candies, jelly and jams
  • Sodas, fruit juices, fruit drinks
  • Pudding, custards and other sweets
  • Processed refined grains like flour or white rice
  • Bread and pasta made with any refined flour
  • Cakes, cookies and other sweet bakery products

You can expect to make the biggest dent in your weight loss if you manage your starchy carb intake with every meal and replace a good portion of them with fibrous, high-quality carbs that help with fat loss.

Managing Starchy Carbs

Our brains tend to be resistant to restriction. Instead of completely cutting out what we like to call your “squishy” carbs, we want you to add the right foods to crowd out the foods that are preventing you from achieving your goals. It’s not realistic or sustainable to avoid all of the foods in the “Against Fat Loss” carb lists. We all like to indulge, so it’s important to learn how to enjoy those foods without affecting your waist line.

In this context you, can think of carb management as making smart choices. The goal is to substitute as many of the “against fat loss” carbs with “help with fat loss” carbs. We have a collection of blogs and resources that will help you do just that!

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