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Is Strength or Cardio Better for Fat Loss?

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Is Strength or Cardio Better for Fat Loss?

Even though knowledge about this important topic is becoming much more widespread, we wanted to revisit the age-old question: is cardio or strength training better for fat loss? Putting aside other considerations like nutrition, sleep, and stress, here is our answer: You will burn more calories while you are completing the cardio exercise, but the better overall strategy is to focus on strength training. Allow us to explain.

Why Strength Trumps Cardio

Here are a few reasons why we choose strength training over cardio:

  • A person who has an extra pound or more of muscle will burn more calories at rest than the person with less.
  • Strength training increases muscle, while cardio in excess can diminish it.
  • The work your body has to do after you lift is far more beneficial to fat loss than cardio.
  • As your muscles recover, repair, and grow, your body is burning more, even at rest.

To summarize: If you’re simply looking to become a smaller version of the body shape you already have, cardio is your choice. But if you want to transform the shape of your body entirely while simultaneously losing fat, you absolutely must strength train!

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Need Help from a Coach?

Most people need accountability and guidance when it comes to strength training, and it’s one of our areas of expertise here at Method3 Fitness. Without coaching, chances of injury, using the wrong weights, and bad form are extremely high. If you live in or near San Jose, CA, feel free to give us a call at (408) 371-1212 or drop by the studio to chat about how we can help you achieve your goals!

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