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NEAT: Fit in Fitness Every Day

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NEAT: Fit in Fitness Every Day

It seems like no matter how hard we try, sometimes we can’t seem to make enough time to get to the gym and get our workout on. Responsibilities pile on. Kids, work and everything else get you stressed out, create stressful eating habits, and leave you feeling like there’s no time to exercise. You solution? Non Exercise Activity Thermogenisis (or NEAT).

What is N.E.A.T.?

N.E.A.T. refers to the energy expended for anything you might do that is not eating, sleeping or sports-related exercise. It could include activities like the following:

  • Walking
  • Yard work
  • Dancing
  • Fidgeting (yes, even fidgeting!)

Although they may not seem like much, these small activities can have a HUGE impact on your success.

How You Can Implement Neat for Results

Think about the most opportune times to add activities to your week as you go about your normal, daily routine.

Walk or Bike to Work

If your office is close to home, throw your heels in your bag, lace up some sneakers and walk instead of driving. If you have a substantial commute, walk or bike to the nearest public transit station. Once you’re on the bus or train, you can tackle your inbox or take meetings over the phone. While you’re at work, invite a co-worker to join you for a stroll in the park during your lunch break.

Make Sure the Lounge Has a Dance Floor

Do you regularly meet up with friends for cocktails? Instead of going to a bar, check out your local night club or lounge with a dance floor. Fun fact: You can burn anywhere from 400-1,000 calories per hour depending on how hard you dance!

Sing Cause No one Is Watching

Bet you didn’t know that singing has cardiovascular benefits. Even though you won’t burn all that much belting out a Lady Gaga solo, you singing will definitely expend more energy than you would listening silently. Over the course of a day and more so a week, this and the other tips mentioned above will equal WAY more calories burned! The cumulative effect is especially awesome!

Our challenge to you: Analyze your day and see where you can fit in some N.E.A.T. activities. Not only will your waistline thank you but let’s be honest… who doesn’t like singing in the car? 🙂

Stronger for Today,

The Method3 Fitness Team

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