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Halloween Candy versus Your Nutrition Plan

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Halloween Candy versus Your Nutrition Plan

It’s Halloween. Each year, there so much candy coming in the house that you’re not sure you can stick to your nutrition plan. Does this sound familiar? Don’t be spooked. We’ve got a few tips to help you survive these next few weeks with your pride… and your tummy… intact.

Buy Candy You Don’t Like

Remember that you don’t have something in the house that you like. There are plenty of brands and varieties out there that you know won’t call your name in your most vulnerable moments. Get those packages instead.

Keep Fresh Fruit On-Hand

So, you didn’t buy the candy you like for your home, but there’s some at the office. Or your kids just came from an early Halloween bash and brought those caramels you like so much… Planning is key when it comes to these moments.

Make sure to keep plenty of fresh fruit in the fridge and in your lunch bag. When that craving arises, you’ll be able to hit the pause button, take a breathe, and reach for that healthy snack instead.

Keep Candy Out of Sight

It’s fine to participate in handing out candy for all the cute trick-or-treaters that come your way. Just make sure it isn’t constantly in your line of vision. Our suggestions:

  • Leave it in the car. If the weather is cool enough so that the candy won’t melt, keep it in the trunk until the night that you need it.
  • If you must bring it inside, leave it in a shopping bag, staple it closed, and put it by the front door or inside your coat closet.

Bargain with Your Kids

Coach Sue Davis shared with us her number one trick for the post-Halloween candy her kids had left over. It’s our favorite trick yet!

“Every year, I made a deal with my kids, 10 pieces of candy got saved. Those were theirs to do what they wanted with. The rest went out. What they did is they traded that candy in for something else they wanted, like a toy or a gift card. I do the same thing at Easter.”

Brilliant! Negotiating with your kids is not only a great way to get the candy out of the house. It also sets the stage for proper nutrition habits.

What to Do with the Candy

In our opinion, the easiest solution for leftover candy is to throw it out. We could all do with a little less sugar in the world. But we understand if your heart hurts at the thought of wasting it all. In that case, there are places you can donate. You can send it to the troops through Operation Gratitude or Soldier’s Angels. Or, if you have unopened packages, you can sell it to a Halloween Candy By Back Program.

Remember, there’s no need to be anxious around Halloween or any other food-associated holidays. By planning ahead and implementing the tips we’ve outlined here, you can maintain your healthy habits, guilt-free. Good luck!

Stronger for Today,

The Method3 Fitness Team

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