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Take Advantage of Your Summer Mindset to Lose Body Fat and Tone Up

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Take Advantage of Your Summer Mindset to Lose Body Fat and Tone Up

Hey folks!

It’s Coach John here, your San Jose Personal Trainer and today I want to talk to you about taking advantage of the “Summer Mindset.” So many people view summer as a big event that you have to get ready for. Why?

  • Sun dresses
  • Shorts
  • Swimsuits
  • Tank tops
  • And other items that have you showing more skin.

Just like everyone else, you want to be ready when the time comes, so you get your head in the game. But while the motivation is there, the one thing that many people lack is a plan. As a San Jose Personal Trainer, I want to make sure you’re successful, so let’s take advantage of that summer mindset and the energy behind it and put it into the following areas.

Nutrition to Lose Body Fat

The key to losing body fat and slimming down is dialing in your eating habits. You must

  • Eat the right foods – a combination of lean protein, nutrient rich carbohydrates (mainly fruit and veggies), and healthy fats
  • Eat at the right times – space your meals apart for optimal energy and fat burn
  • Maintain portion control – consuming too much or too little will hinder your progress. Figure out the right amount for you to achieve success

Note: We go into much deeper detail in Thrive In 35, our five week fitness/nutrition and mindset coaching program. For more details about Thrive In 35 and to read success stories, click here.

Workouts to Get In Shape

Weight loss alone won’t get you the rockin body you desire. You must also tone your muscles and burn calories through exercise. The ideal workout routine will involve a combination of cardio and strength training.

Try this 10 Minute Abs Workout to fire up your core muscles.

Mindset Booster to Stay On Track

You’re feeling motivated now, but what happens if you fall off the exercise and nutrition horse? Most people give up and resolve to try again next year. Don’t let that happen to you! Instead, set aside a few minutes now to create an arsenal of affirmations and fail-safes that will get you back on the wagon.

  • Affirmation: I am committed to my workouts, whether I feel like it or not because I know when I’m done, I will feel AWESOME!
  • Affirmation: I can DO this!
  • Fail-safe: Schedule at least 2 workouts per week with a friend that won’t let you off the hook
  • Fail-safe: When a craving for junk food hits, always eat a piece of fruit first. If you’re STILL hungry afterward, enjoy the treat.

Put Your Plan Into Motion

Don’t wait till a designated date to begin taking advantage of your summer mindset. Put your plan into motion today! Even if you only take one small step, that is one step closer to success! My one request is that you allow that summer mindset to fuel you year round. Your health and fitness isn’t an event. It’s your wellness and your happiness. Be mindful of the actions and behaviors and habits that you’re changing in a positive direction and think about ways that you can continue to do those past the summer, so you can look and feel good during every season that comes. Instill the correct habits and actions to get your body ready for summer and beyond.

Stronger for Today,

John Heringer

Chief Motivator

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