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What’s Your Happy Weight? How to Determine Your Body’s Best Weight

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What’s Your Happy Weight? How to Determine Your Body’s Best Weight

How do you know when you’ve reached your happy weight? Most of us start our weight loss efforts with an idea of how we want to look and feel. Unfortunately, the picture we have in our heads doesn’t always match up with the number we think should be on the scale. So how do we determine where we should be? Our San Jose Nutrition Coach Michelle weighs in.

Look at Your Body

So, you wanted to lose 15 pounds, but you feel fabulous after losing 10. This is a good thing. It boils down to three things.

  • Your Body Composition – This includes your body measurements, percent of body fat and your muscle mass.
  • Your “before-and-after” photograph – You see yourself every single day, so it may be difficult to notice the changes that are happening in your body. Photos are great, measurable ways to show changes in your body composition, sometimes without seeing significant changes on the scale.
  • The mirror – Go ahead. Stand in front of it and ask yourself, “how do my clothes fit?” Think about how your jeans, shirts and workout clothes make you feel after you see yourself.

Ask Your Doctor

In addition to feeling better physically and mentally, your health can be a big indicator over the number on the scale. Look at your medical history including your blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. If your doctor gives you thumbs up, give yourself a huge thumbs up too!

Your “Effortless” Number

Your “effortless” number is defined by a combination of factors.

  1. You’re healthy and happy with how you look right now.
  2. Your weight has been consistent for a while.
  3. You haven’t been working extremely hard to keep it there.

San Jose personal trainers agree that, together, these are good signs that you’re at a healthy weight for your body. You eat healthy foods without a struggle and exercise regularly to keep your body strong.

Mentally Healthy

Here at Method3 Fitness, we believe that, just as important as the physical indicators are mental signs that you’ve reached your goal weight. Take a look at your daily energy level.

  • Are you able to work out and continue to have energy throughout your day?
  • Can you deal with unpredictable life stress?
  • Do you get enough sleep at night
  • Do you feel confident?

Being at a “happy weight” is having balance in your life and feeling confident about yourself. It means that you have successfully learned how to navigate and enjoy your lifestyle! So be flexible when it comes to figuring out a goal weight. You may want to consult a fitness professional, such as a San Jose Personal Trainer, to see what number is realistic for you.

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Nutrition Coach

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