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Gloria B Thrive In 35 Success Story

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Gloria B Thrive In 35 Success Story

“My only regret is that I didn’t do this earlier.”

Folks, meet Gloria B., a Partner who coaches know has been through a lot in life. Yet she always seems to come out wiser, more positive, and stronger than ever.

According to John Heringer, Founder and Chief Motivator at Method3 Fitness, “She never gives up, both in fitness and in life.” Gloria is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed during a time when she was attending workouts at the studio. Gloria kept training throughout her treatment, attending one on one sessions with Coach Sue Davis, which she says not only helped keep her strong during the chemo and radiation, but it also helped her bounce back when it was over.

“Fitness Is Important but Nutrition is 80%”

After seven years with Method3 Fitness, Gloria finally decided to make the leap and focus on dialing down her nutrition. She enrolled in her first Thrive In 35 in 2017. Since then, she has lost nearly 30 pounds, adding up to a grand total of 47 pounds, 31.37 inches, and 4.8% body fat down!

In addition to the amazing results she’s gotten with weight loss, Gloria’s strength and stamina has also increased.

“I watched her do double unders, criss-crossing her jump rope during class the other day,” says Coach Keith Lucitt. “She will literally try anything once and eventually make it happen.”

Gloria’s Philosophy: “It’s never too late to get started, even if you’re a grandma like me.”

Family Matters

The only thing bigger than Gloria’s determination to learn and grow when it comes to her health and fitness is her love of our tight-knit community at Method3 Fitness, which she says is like a family to her. Considering her love for Method3, it’s no wonder that the coaches notice Gloria’s willingness to educate and encourage others. She takes the time to respond to questions and challenges other members post on our private Facebook Groups and when she receives a compliment about her abilities in class, she is quick to let her fellow Partners know that, with a little practice, they’ll be able to do it soon too.

Gloria is currently completing her third enrollment in Thrive In 35. Like other Partners at Method3 Fitness, she learns something new every time. Participating again also renews her commitment to healthy eating and gives her the motivation to keep moving forward.

We’re so proud of Gloria and all of the successes that she has achieved in her fitness and in life.

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