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Coaches Corner: How to Motivate Your Friends to Work Out

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Coaches Corner: How to Motivate Your Friends to Work Out

Coach John here!

I’m a San Jose personal trainer and Chief Motivator here at Method3 Fitness. Today, I’d like to share with you the best way to motivate a friend. There are four things you need to do.

Step One: Lead By Example

If you’re encouraging your friends to become fit through diet and/or exercise, make sure you’re doing it first. Actions speak louder than words, so show them how you’re taking your own steps to become healthy and fit.

  • Exercise regularly. As a San Jose personal trainer, I recommend at least 3 days of week of activity.
  • Eat nutritious food and avoid the junk.
  • Share your successes, such as how much weight you’ve lost and/or how much strength you’ve gained.

This will pave the way for them to take the same kinds of actions. If it’s possible for you, they’ll believe it’s possible for them too.

Step Two: Ask Questions

Be curious. Ask your friends the following question: “Why do you want to lose ten pounds?” See if they can give you an answer. If they can’t, help them find it. Sometimes the best way to motivate someone is to help them find their “why,” because it’s easy to lose track of that amidst our busy lives and priorities. Help them remember by asking:

  • What makes you feel that way about losing weight?
  • Why ten pounds? Or whatever their number is.
  • What makes this important for you in the grand scheme of your life?

Through some genuinely honest questions, you can help them discover their why, which will get them fired up and motivated.

Step Three: Meet Them Half way

Have you ever invited a friend to come and do this kick-butt, one hour, intense full body workout, and they simply weren’t into it? Perhaps it seemed too intimidating or inconvenient and they’d rather start off with a simple walk. Find a good compromise. Ask if they’d be willing to try a challenging hike instead. And honestly, if they’re not quite there yet, go on the walk. The most important thing is motivating them and helping them take that first step. You can also look for physical activities that you both enjoy, but don’t feel like a workout, such as a dance class or going for a swim.

Step Four: Don’t Judge

People who are actively working to get fit sometimes look at friends and family and say, why can’t they get on track with their fitness? Why aren’t they taking care of themselves? It seems really easy on our side, because we’re already doing the work. But we can never know exactly what’s going on that situation. Although it can be tough to hold back, avoid judging them. Fitness is a journey and we each have our own unique paths when it comes to becoming healthy. Instead, show your friends love and support. When they’re ready, hopefully they’ll come meet you.

You Can Make A Difference

It only takes one person to inspire someone to improve their lives. Go motivate a friend today, so you can make a difference.

Stronger for Today,

John Heringer

Chief Motivator at Method3 Fitness

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