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Janet N. Weight Loss Success

Janet N. Weight Loss Success

We are so proud of Janet N. for all of her hard work since joining the community at Method3 Fitness!

This is what she’s achieved so far:

She Lost 35.3 LBS, 40.75IN, & 7.9%BF!

Here’s what our San Jose Personal Trainers have to say about Janet’s results:

Sue: Amazing! She resisted doing a check in for months. Little did she know, she’s rocking it! And in addition to her weight loss results, Janet’s movement patterns are really improving.

Keith: She really pays attention in class, so she’s a great student to have in a session. Plus, I can tell she’s gotten stronger. She started jumping rope. Nose to the grindstone. Waita go, Janet!

Hanna: And yet, she’s always willing to be challenged, even if something is well outside of her comfort zone. What an awesome attitude! Keep it up Janet!

Congratulations Janet

Please join us in celebrating Janet. Leave a comment below congratulating her for all of her successes thus far.

We’d also love to here about YOUR successes! What have you achieved so far for your health and fitness in 2018? Tell us in the comments below!

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