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Should I Do Cardio Before or After Strength Training?

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Should I Do Cardio Before or After Strength Training?

Hey guys!

This is Markus, your San Jose personal trainer at Method3 Fitness, coming at you with a question from one of our Partners:

Is it better to do cardio before or after my strength training?

There’s a lot of science behind what the best way to organize your training program. As your San Jose fitness coach, I’ll make it really simple for you. The best strategy is to focus on what your goals are. You’ll need to cardio if your goal is:

  • To run a 5K, 10k, marathon, or other type of race.
  • Increase the total number of laps you swim during your pool workout.

If it’s something that’s very cardiovascular based, complete your cardio workout first. In contrast, if your goal is strength based, you’ll need the extra energy to concentrate on resistance training. Typical strength goals include:

  • Completing 10 unassisted pull-ups.
  • Being able to complete 50-100 push ups in a minute.

In that case, finish out your workout with cardio so that you get a nice balance of both worlds.

You see? It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Stronger for today,

Markus Porter

Personal Trainer

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