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7 Tips For A Successful Live Online Workout

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7 Tips For A Successful Live Online Workout

1. Schedule Your Classes:  One of the key factors to making at-home workouts successful is scheduling them into your day to make them a priority.   At the beginning of the week, register for your classes and include them on your calendar.  Once you register for classes thru Pike13, check your email for confirmation.  The confirmation email will include your link for the Zoom class.  Registering in advance also allows our coaches to know when everyone is in the Zoom room so they can get started on time or be on the lookout in the waiting room if they do not see you at the start of the session.  

2. Arrive Early: Remember the days of in-person workouts?  You'd arrive early, have time to say "hello" and catch up with friends, find your spot in the studio and grab your yoga mats.  Well, I'd like to challenge you to think of your online Zoom workouts the same way.  Login 5-10 minutes early to the Zoom room.  If you are in the "waiting room" before class begins, use this time to double check your equipment, make sure you have your water nearby, and even start stretching.  Once the Zoom room opens, feel free to quickly catch up with your coaches- let them know about any injuries or necessary modifications needed for the day and don't forget to say "hello" to your fellow partners!  

3. Use a Large Screen Device:  If possible, use a large screen device for your online workout sessions, ie: laptop, desktop, tv or tablet instead of a phone.  This will allow you to have a better view of coach demos and the workout timer.  

4.  Adjust Your Camera:  We know not everyone wants to be on screen during a live workout, but if you're comfortable, please leave your camera on during the session.  This allows our coaches to monitor your form during workouts so they can provide feedback and offer modifications if needed.  If you have the space, an ideal camera position would allow the trainer to see your full body during workout moves while standing and while on the floor.  It's helpful if you can prop your camera/device at a slightly higher vantage point- on a bookshelf, tall chair or tripod.  

5. Your Mic is ON/OFF:  For one-on-one and private training, our coaches may request that you leave your mic on. This allows for open two way conversation during your session, no different than if we were actually together in person.   

However, for group sessions we request that once the class is underway please mute your mic so the class can hear the coach without interruption.  Note, there may be times we will ask you to turn your mic on- for example, during buddy workout moves where we need you to communicate with your workout partner.

6. Pin Your Coach:  During group Zoom sessions, it's best to pin your coach so you can have a full screen view of them during the workout.  Depending on your device, you can usually hover over the person you'd like to "pin" and 3 small dots will appear in the corner of their image.  Once you click on this, there should be a "Pin Video" option.  Most mobile devices will default to "Speaker View" so you should be able to see the coach during the workout.  However, if you need to pin a buddy or partner and you do not see 3 small dots when you hover over their video, try double clicking their video to pin them.  

7. Hop Back In:  We know working out at home can be a challenge with family, pets and other distractions.   If you get side tracked during a workout, no problem!  Just hop back in where you left off.  Confused, missed a que or need a modification?  Turn your mic on and ask your coach a question, we're here to help! 
We hope you found all these tips helpful!  If you're struggling with online workouts, please let our coaches know!  We'd be happy to set-up an online session to help you work through any technical issues!  We can't wait to see you online!  




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