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Campbell Personal Trainers' 10 Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays

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Campbell Personal Trainers' 10 Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays


As we wrap up November and the end of the year is in sight, our Campbell personal trainers put together this list of tips to help you stay on track during the holidays!

Campbell Personal Trainers' 10 Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays:

  1. Make a calendar that includes holidays, parties, and other occasions to help you feel more in control of your schedule and ease any anxiety about upcoming events.


  2. Decide in advance how you’ll handle events away from home. Maybe plan to eat a snack beforehand, or only share a dessert with your partner.


  3. Include on that calendar your workout plans-what you’re doing each day, and who you can turn to for extra accountability. Your Campbell personal trainer, workout buddy, even an app!


  4. If you’re going on a long drive, pack a small bag of wholesome snacks so you don’t find yourself "hangry", looking for rushed options on the road.


  5. Read the labels at the grocery store. It’s shocking how much sugar and sodium is found in packaged foods, including some things we only buy in November and December. So, keep a look out and buy "low sodium" or "no sugar added" options when available.


  6. Ditch the "extras". That means, maybe enjoy the pie without the whipped cream.Watch the alcohol consumption. Use low-fat versions of dairy and substitute healthy sweeteners for sugar.


  7. Wait before piling on second helping. It takes our brains 10 minutes or so to understand that we’ve had enough. So, instead of springing out of your chair for another round of yumminess, wait 10 minutes and see if you really want it then.


  8. Plan some physical activity before or after a big meal. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Have a video workout ready. Throw the football around.


  9. If you go shopping, be sure to eat something before you leave home and pack snacks to take along with you.


  10. Remember that the holidays are about celebrating our blessings, so be sure to take time to express your gratitude to your loved ones and celebrate your health!


So, our Campbell personal trainers want you to enjoy moderately and think of a major holiday as just ONE SINGLE DAY on the calendar, not an excuse to give up on your health and fitness goals!


If you need help this holiday season setting your goals and creating a personalized action plan to get there, let's chat because our Campbell personal trainers can help!  Fill out the "Request More Information Now" box above to receive your free consultation and experience the Method3 difference OR call us (408) 371-1212 to connect.  I'm looking forward to talking with you!


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Chief Motivator, Method3 Fitness

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