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San Jose Personal Trainers Tell How to “Let it Go”

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San Jose Personal Trainers Tell How to “Let it Go”

Our San Jose personal trainers know his year has been many things. Heartbreaking. Frustrating. Downright surreal.


It’s also wrecked plans for everyone ever since March, and there’s no reason to think that everything will get magically better in January.


But our San Jose personal trainers want you to know how you choose to perceive everything in your world will dictate your happiness.


And it is a choice.


Everything comes down to our perception of things as they really are, not as filtered through our lens of how we think they should be. If we go around demanding things of people, places or things (especially a global pandemic), then we’re going to be frustrated and disappointed.


So, instead, our San Jose personal trainers say let’s accept the simple truth. This year’s holiday season is going to be different than others, and that’s OK. 


Say it out loud: This year’s holiday season is going to be different than others, and that’s OK.

  • I won’t get to do everything I want to do.

  • I won’t get to see everyone I want to see.

  • And I can’t do anything to make the daily news reports any better.


But I can accept all of that, and treasure each day as it is, including: 

  • What I CAN do.

  • Whom I CAN see.

  • How I interpret events in my community and the world.


Every day, I can’t control my thoughts, but I can choose what to think about. Similarly, I can’t control what I want, but I CAN CONTROL WHAT I DO. 


That includes what I eat and drink, how I exercise, whether I manage my emotions like an adult or a child, and whether I accept things for what they are. And sometimes it means seeking help from others. Remember, you NEVER have to go it alone. Our amazing team of San Jose personal trainers are here for you!


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Live Stronger For Today,

John Heringer

Chief Motivator, Method3 Fitness


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