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Method3 Fitness Partner Highlight: Vickie W.

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Method3 Fitness Partner Highlight: Vickie W.

Vickie has been a Method3 Fitness partner for 3 years now.  As a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader, Vickie works with students while also training and supporting literacy intervention teachers.  

Support Through the Pandemic:  As we all know, the global pandemic brought about a variety of challenges, especially for our teachers.  When asked about how the past year has been for her, Vickie admits "It's been rough! Transitioning to online instruction with our youngest and most vulnerable students has been so hard. What we take for granted, like opening a new tab, closing a tab, etc., is foreign to first graders. Teaching them how to do that, in addition to supporting their reading and writing, has been so hard. Nevermind connectivity issues."

To help her navigate the day to day stress, Vickie continued with the routine she had built at Method3 Fitness.  "I work out HARD at either 4:30 or 5:30, 3 times a week and on Saturday morning. I've also added running on the off days. It really helps me to have a goal outside of work. Something for me."

So what kept her consistently working out even during difficult times?  "It's the community and the coaches. I love all the familiar faces and people I've met. What a lovely group of people. And the coaches are amazing. Such great workouts and their attitude is always so good. I need cheerleaders and I have them every workout."

Non-Scale Victories: While Vickie's overall weight has slightly increased during the pandemic, she is SUPER excited that her muscle mass has increased while her body fat percentage is going down!  Our personal trainers call that a HUGE win!  And it is just another reason we like to measure progress beyond the numbers on the scale.

Why Method3 Fitness? We recently asked Vickie what she has learned about herself since she started working out at Method3 Fitness.  Here's what she had to say... Before Method3 Fitness, "I was mostly content to grow old and grow fat. I was trying Weight Watchers with no results before a friend invited me to Method3. I was thinking being old and fat was inevitable. But actually, it's not. I'm stronger than I've been in years and I keep trying hard things like the freaking Turkish Get Up and guess what? I can do hard things!! I'm no spring chicken at 58, if you know what I mean."


Vickie, we love having you as a part of the Method3 Family and are excited to help you on your fitness journey to always live #StrongerForToday !

Ready to Get Started With Us? In Vickie's words "If you care about aging well, give this a go." Fill out the “Request More Information Now” box above to receive your free consultation with our personal trainers and experience the Method3 difference OR call us at (408) 371-1212 to connect. Hope we can talk to you soon. 


Method3 Fitness is conveniently located in San Jose.  Our team of personal trainers serve clients in Los Gatos, Campbell, Willow Glen and other surrounding Bay Area cities.   


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