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Campbell Personal Trainers Explain Why Mindset Always Trumps Ability

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Campbell Personal Trainers Explain Why Mindset Always Trumps Ability

People often ask our Campbell personal trainers why Method3 Fitness (and particularly Thrive In 35), focuses on and stresses the importance of improving your mindset.

It's simple:

Our Campbell personal trainers believe that without the proper positive mindset in place, true success and results will NEVER be obtained (and definitely not sustained).

You can have the most amazing abilities....maybe you can jump into a fitness and exercise program no problem, or perhaps you're a great cook.

But if you can't get the right MINDSET dialed in then nothing will change.

  • You will take no action.
  • You will get no results.
  • You will play endless head games with yourself on why you can (or can't) do something....

And the rollercoaster and yo-yo with your weight (and probably your happiness) will continue.


OR, our Campbell personal trainers want you to know you can choose a different path...

You can:

  • Go DEEP into your goals, WHY you want to achieve them and what's been holding you back.
  • Create positive affirmations to get rid of the negative self-talk and destroy the crap record playing in your subconscious
  • Make space for meditation and all of its amazing benefits to bring peace, clarity (and even lower cortisol levels which leads to less fat storage!)


HINT: We dive into all of that with Thrive In 35 Program. ;-) .....and just because you wrote down your goals once and practiced some affirmations doesn't mean it's "done." It's like bathing...our Campbell personal trainers recommend doing it often. Lol.

Ultimately, when you improve your mindset you put yourself in the drivers seat because you are now poised to take the action necessary to achieve your goals...

Your vision of success becomes clear, your mind is now strong, and NOW your actions can act in alignment with your positive thoughts.

That's what you want right?

If so, we really hope you'll take part in this upcoming Thrive In 35 or work with a friend or coach on dialing in some of the mindset strategies I shared above.

Click here to learn more about Thrive in 35 now!


Live Stronger For Today,

John Heringer

Chief Motivator, Method3 Fitness


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