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Los Gatos Fitness Trainers' Quick and Easy Wake-Up Workout

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Los Gatos Fitness Trainers' Quick and Easy Wake-Up Workout

Our Los Gatos Fitness Trainers have got a good one for you today! Right in this blog are a couple of mini-exercises that you can do first thing in the morning to help wake you up – and give your body an energy boost.

They’ll get your blood pumping and help rev up an important part of your immune system that usually doesn’t get much thought or attention: your lymphatic system!

Quick background from our Los Gatos Fitness Trainers: Lymph fluid flows through a huge network of vessels in your body, collecting and removing cell waste – sort of like how blood circulates.  

One big difference, though: your circulatory system has a pump – your heart.

Your lymphatic system relies on MOVEMENT and your MUSCLES to help keep the lymph flowing.

You can imagine how removing all that cell waste is important to your health!

One of the BEST exercises you can do for your lymphatic system is rebounding – (jumping on a mini-trampoline) for a few minutes a day.

But if you don’t have a mini-trampoline (our Los Gatos fitness trainers know not many do!), you can get your system flowing in other ways. Here are a couple of easy exercises to try first thing in the morning.

Arm Pumps: You can even do this one while you’re still in bed!

Lie on your back, your arms straight by your sides.

Keeping your arms straight, raise your arms until your hands are about 6 inches above the bed (or floor).

Now, quickly move your arms up and down by your sides, intensely enough so that you feel your breathing start to speed up. Try to get 50-100 “pumps.”

Jumping Jacks: These are great and work your whole body at once – do this one before you hit the shower vs. just waking up. Start with 10 and work up to 25 or more.

If they’re too high impact, our Los Gatos fitness trainers want you to try the low-impact version: raise your arms out to the side as you step your left foot out, return to the start, and repeat on the right, swapping sides.

→ Seems simple, but moving your body like this in the morning can make a HUGE difference! Plus- it’ll give you a little energy boost to kickstart your day.

And if you want some extra credit … here are a few ways to boost your lymphatic system over the long term:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Do strength training
  • Get regular massages (one of fitness trainers' favorites, haha!)


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