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Unravel the Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back

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Unravel the Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back

Beliefs are just thoughts repeated, right? We’ve all heard that before or read it on a coffee mug or Pinterest board.

And it’s true. If you think you’re a smart, hard-working, good person – and then repeat that thought over and over -- then you’re going to face the world with a positive attitude about yourself.

Unfortunately, it works the other way around, as so many of us know. Have you ever thought any of these about yourself? And then repeated them, like, a million times until the thoughts become your beliefs?

  • I’ll always be overweight.
  • I’ll never make it.
  • Nothing ever goes my way.

These are highly common self-limiting beliefs. We all have some like them. Maybe they came from a childhood trauma or insult – and the wound caused us to repeat a thought so many times that now it seems like undisputed truth.

But it’s not. It’s just what you’ve been telling yourself about yourself.

The good news is this: You can change your self-beliefs by changing what you say about yourself!

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. There will always be someone who seems to have more ... or be more … or do more. You just be YOU.
  2. Notice what thoughts about yourself pop into your head. What are the circumstances? Are there any common threads? 
  3. Dig into your past to think about where they might’ve come from? Were you always last around the track as a kid?  Did you have friends that used to tease you?  Guess what, you've grown since your days on the school grounds.  You've got this!
  4. Next, try to turn around a negative thought. When you tell yourself that you’re not successful in life, think of something that you’ve done well – a new job, a relationship, good relationships with your family, etc. 
  5. Then say it out loud and repeat the thought over and over: “I’m smart and successful and often achieve my goals.”

This might take a long time to bring lasting change. But it’s a form of self-care to grant yourself the empathy and support you would a friend.

We’re here to help you build new habits and to turn those negative self-beliefs into empowering tales of your fabulousness. If you're ready to get active, gain energy and get healthy again, give us a call at (408)371-1212.  Let’s do it – together! 

Committed To You Success,

The Method3 Fitness Team


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