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Exercise VS Training: Whats the difference?

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Exercise VS Training: Whats the difference?

At first look, one may think that exercise and training are the same thing.

There are many benefits that cross the board from a general health standpoint, and if you are exercising for general health benefits, you’re on the right track!

But when we start looking deeper there can be drastic differences in the outcomes.

For instance, let's consider someone who wants to lose weight and gain muscle to achieve "body recomposition."  Weight loss requires a calorie deficit, but for muscle building a calorie surplus is necessary.  The conflict between the two is what leads many to spin their wheels endlessly, ultimately never achieving the results they're looking for.

We can also look at anyone participating in physical events from Spartan runs, weekend golfing, or a division 1 collegiate athlete. There is a specificity to their needs that general exercise will not meet.  Instead, they require specific training to achieve their set athletic goals. 

Perform A Needs Analysis

When deciding a course of action, performing a needs analysis should be the blueprint for your exercise plans.

Do you need to improve your general health, desire a sense of community and belonging to keep you motivated, and to have a good time while working out? If so, group classes are well suited to fill the needs in your needs analysis.

As soon as your needs become more specific, your approach must be as equally specific in order to achieve the goals you’ve set. That’s when an experienced personal fitness trainer can assist you through the process of exercise selection and program periodization to ensure you are consistently progressing in a safe and timely manner that will directly lead you to your end goal.

The Best of Both

A great way to get results is to utilize a strategy that combines both approaches- Training for specific goals while using general exercise for recovery, and to burn a few additional calories to help you achieve the caloric deficit.

Hopefully, this quick breakdown sheds some light on how working with a personal trainer will help you tailor your fitness routine to meet your specific goals and needs, and help you get active, gain energy and achieve the outcomes you've been working for!

Committed To Your Success,
Ned Gleason MS, CSCS 

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