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Sneaky Ways Your Mindset Prevents You From Losing Weight

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Sneaky Ways Your Mindset  Prevents You From Losing Weight

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You are motivated and inspired to lose weight. You work out consistently and stick to your diet for several weeks at a time. But then you hit a roadblock and fall off track. Weeks later, when you get back into your routine, it feels like you’re starting all over again. If this sounds like your life, it’s time for a mindset check. Read on to uncover 6 sneaky ways your mindset may be preventing you from losing weight.


#1 You’re Focused on Weight Loss Instead of Habits

It’s natural to have a weight loss goal in mind. However, an intense focus on the end result puts a high priority on WHAT YOU WANT versus WHAT YOU NEED TO DO to get there. Our attention is limited. To truly make progress, you must focus on ACTIONS over OUTCOMES. Instead of “weight loss,” make these actions your priority:

  • Get to the gym for a workout. You can even specify the days and times (i.e. every weekday afternoon or Mon, Wed, and Fri mornings)

  • Make healthy choices every time you eat. Include vegetables or low sugar fruit on your plate for every meal or snack and limit the amount of processed carbs you eat.


#2 You Feel Too Tired to Work Out

Perfectionism has many people believing that a workout must be intense and that you must put in 100% effort every single time in order for it to be effective. In the words of Maury Povich… “That is a lie.” Here’s the truth: a workout done is better than no workout at all.

So instead of skipping the gym, make a commitment to show up. Modify every single move if you have to, take more frequent breaks, or even swap out your strength and cardio session with foam rolling and stretching. Just do not skip the gym. Showing up when you say you will is the key to building a consistent routine, so that you keep making progress and eventually keep the weight off for good.


#3 Using Food As a Reward or Celebration

What’s common among clients that struggle to get a handle on their eating habits is the tendency to choose eating as a social activity, to celebrate milestones, or as a reward for sticking to their workout routines. Don’t get us wrong. Our coaches love food just as much as our clients do. But we also understand that there are many other equally satisfying ways to celebrate your wins in fitness and in life.

  • Treat yourself (and perhaps your friends) to a spa day

  • Purchase an item from your Amazon wishlist

  • Put on your fanciest outfit and go dancing

  • Attend a sporting event or concert

  • Head outside for a day in nature (i.e., a park, a beach, or a hiking trail)

Ultimately, it’s important to understand that the purpose of food is to fuel your body. It can and should be enjoyed, but instead of making it a focal point of rewards and celebrations, make it a side dish instead.


#4 Labeling Foods as Good or Bad

The diet industry has convinced many of us that certain types of food are “bad” while others are “good.” Viewing food this way is a mistake. It undermines the value of foods that may be on the bad list but can actually be good for you in certain circumstances or simply enjoyable. And it glorifies "health foods", which… let’s be real… may not always be the most satisfying for your palate. It’s more accurate to say the following:

Certain foods are counter-productive to your goals while others are conducive to achieving them. When you eat, you make a choice, not between good or bad foods, but between foods that will move you closer to your goal or those that will not. Looking at it this way empowers you to make conscious choices and gain control over your progress.


#5 Giving Up Your Favorite Foods

Eliminating or avoiding entire food groups for the sake of losing weight is an extension of mindset trap #4. We all know that carbs and fats get a bad rap in the world of dieting. While it is worthwhile to gauge the amount of these macros you consume on a daily basis, cutting them out entirely may do more harm than good. It can lead to:

  • Frequent cravings and bouts of hunger

  • Binging on these foods after a period of restriction

  • Caloric or nutrient deficiencies

  • Lethargy and inability to focus

Barring any food sensitivities, cutting out food for the sake of weight loss is unsustainable. Eventually, when you do start eating those foods again, you may regain the weight you lost. It’s better to find a healthy balance than to rely on restriction.

#6 Viewing Healthy Food as Restrictive or Tasteless

If your idea of a healthy diet is daily salads and sugar free dressing, we would have to agree that you’ve relegated yourself to a painful and unsatisfying path to weight loss. Healthy meals do not have to be tasteless or leave you hungry. In addition to being chalked full of nutrients that help your body look and feel great, healthy food can be prepared in a multitude of ways that taste delicious, fill you up, AND are conducive to achieving your goals.


Are you ready to drop your old habits and adopt a mindset that will help you reach your health and fitness goals once and for all? At Method3 Fitness, our nutrition coaches help our clients find solutions that last a lifetime.  Each individualized nutrition plan is oriented around striking a balance between what nourishes your body and what makes you smile. Our San Jose nutrition coaches will tailor a program to your lifestyle to help you gain energy, stay active and enjoy the foods you love!


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