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Campbell Personal Fitness Trainers' Favorite Tips to Strengthen Your Mental Toughness

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Campbell Personal Fitness Trainers' Favorite Tips to Strengthen Your Mental Toughness

On our previous blog, our Campbell personal fitness trainers talked about a trait called “grit” — which is connected to mental toughness and resilience.


It’s the drive that helps you see your goals through to the end.


But there’s something about grit/mental toughness that we tend to forget as we get older…


It’s actually EMPOWERING and FUN to build it!


Remember when you were a kid and you were learning a new skill — swimming, riding a bike, jumping rope, shooting baskets, etc — and you’d challenge yourself to do just a little more?


And then you’d be so proud of yourself as you got better and better? 


Well, that’s all a part of building more grit and mental toughness.


Today, our Campbell personal fitness trainers want to share ideas we love from James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, to build more grit to make the process more fun.


1. Define what “grit” means to you. 

Some examples:

  • Working out 3 days a week for an entire month, without missing a single workout

  • Meal prepping your meals (& actually eating them)

  • Meditating for 5 minutes every morning


Once you come up with something meaningful, start building your “grit” muscles by getting it done, no matter WHAT. 

Tell yourself: “GO TIME!” … and put on your game face.

Pro tip: Choose just 1 thing to work on at a time. Layer on more when you’re ready. This keeps it positive vs. just another “thing” to add to your to-do list.

2. Find small ways to prove yourself to yourself. 

Go the extra mile (or minute).
Spend an extra minute or two on the treadmill, or go for an extra rep during your next workout … just to see if you can (while being safe, obviously).

When you add that element of playfulness, it makes it fun — and it also helps you get better, faster!

Any time you are tempted to “cheat” or cut corners … DON’T.

It’s almost always worse in our heads than it is in real life. 


And you will be SUPER PROUD of yourself when you’re done (which keeps you moving forward).

One of the things our Campbell personal fitness trainers love most about this approach is that it helps you focus on your possibilities vs. your limits.


If you’re ready to keep things simple and focus on what works, our Campbell personal fitness trainers are here to help you find a sustainable, simple route to your goals.  Fill out the "Request More Information Now" box above to receive your free consultation with our caring Campbell personal fitness trainers OR call us 408-371-1212 to connect.  We're looking forward to talking with you!


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