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5 Ways to Grow through Fitness This Summer

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5 Ways to Grow through Fitness This Summer

Summer is all about experiencing the best that life has to offer – and that includes challenging ourselves to grow.


Personal growth and personal health are essential, so let’s weave them together for maximum impact! We hope you get inspired by this list of 5 Ways to Grow through Fitness This Summer. 


Pick a challenge in these aspects of everyday life and go for it.

  1. Outdoors. Is there a hike in your area that’s always appealed to you but kind of intimidated you at the same time? Do you want to reach a new “personal best” at an outdoor activity you already enjoy, like running or golf? Exercising outdoors brings added psychological benefits. So, take inspiration from the sunshine, the longer days, and that glorious feeling that anything is possible.

  2. At the gym. Set a push-goal for attendance – a number of weekly visits that will take a little more effort than might be comfortable. For instance, if you’ve been going twice a week, then try to make it three times a week. Or, if you want to try something different, then pick a different exercise experience each week – a spin class, yoga, weightlifting, etc.

  3. Culinary Adventures: Instead of relying on boxed foods, challenge yourself to complete your weekly shopping with fresh, whole foods and nutritious ingredients. Explore seasonal produce and experiment with exciting recipes that nourish your body.

  4. Stress management. Take time to deepen your stress management practices, whether it's through meditation, mindfulness, or exploring spiritual literature that resonates with you. Start small and gradually build your daily practice to foster focus and gratitude.

  5. Play more. Let the spirit of summer take you back to childhood, when you had summer vacations from school. You rode your bike, played ball with friends, and threw frisbees in the park. And now you can GROW FORWARD by repeating these little steps from the past. Rediscover the joy of simple pleasures, laughter, and fun—it's not only good for your soul but can also burn those extra calories naturally.


Harness the sunshine, positive vibes, and energy of summer to fuel your personal growth journey. This season is bursting with opportunities, so seize the moment and embrace the growth that awaits you!


Make it an amazing day,

The Method3 Fitness Team


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