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Campbell Personal Fitness Trainers' Time-Saving Tips: Effective Workouts for Busy Schedules

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Campbell Personal Fitness Trainers' Time-Saving Tips: Effective Workouts for Busy Schedules

Our Campbell Personal Trainers know life can be a whirlwind, and your calendar can get jampacked before you even realize it.


It’s no wonder you sometimes feel overwhelmed, between work, family and everything else on your plate.


You wish you had time for everything. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.


Don’t worry. It happens to everyone. Here's the thing: When life gets crazy busy, it's easy to put your own self-care on the back burner. But

let us tell you, taking care of yourself is non-negotiable. You've got to be at your best to support everyone else around you.


In that spirit, here are some quick, effective workouts from our Campbell Personal Fitness Trainers for busy parents and professionals to keep you on track when that calendar keeps busting your plans. Aim for shorter amounts of time, less equipment, and greater consistency to boost the effectiveness of your efforts. 

  1. Sneak in exercise throughout the day. Embrace those little moments to move. Walk and talk with a colleague during your lunch break or take a quick 15-minute stair-climbing session at work. Then, take the kids and the dog for a family walk around the neighborhood a few evenings each week. It all adds up!

  2. Mini boot-camps. Get your heart pumping with calisthenics, like high knees, jumping jacks, walking lunges, squats, and pushups. You can do this at home when you have a few minutes. Toss in a 30-second plank, and repeat the cycle 3 to 5 times, adding a bit each day. Buy some inexpensive weights or resistance bands to level-up your game. Need more quick workout ideas? Check out our playlist of Anywhere, Anytime Workouts on YouTube. << Watch Here >>

  3. HIIT Happens: Try a variation using high-intensity interval training. You do an exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat. 

  4. Double dip your schedule. When can you exercise while also “checking off” another item on your list? For example, if you need to pick up the kids each afternoon, can you walk to their school instead of drive? If you’re committed to supporting your bestie during a tough time, then take her to the gym instead of the coffee shop. 

  5. Get a treadmill. Or a different piece of workout equipment for the home. Run, walk, or use the elliptical while the baby is napping or you’re waiting for the delivery person.

  6. Stretch it out. If you know yoga and Pilates already, sneak in a round of moves before the kids wake up or before you go to bed. If you don’t, you can find short, instructional videos online to gain strength and relaxation OR follow along with a routine from one of our Method3 Fitness Coaches. << Check Out our Yoga, Stretching & Mobility Playlist Now >>

  7. Dance, dance, dance. Have a dance party for a few songs, alone or with the kids. It’s a fun way to get moving and burn some calories.

  8. Be focused at the gym or studio. When you do get gym-time, make it count! Let us help you plan your workouts for maximum impact within your limited time. Minimize distractions, like chatting with friends or daydreaming between sets.

  9. Remember the main movements. You don’t have to include EVERYTHING. When editing your workouts for time, remember these elements that mimic everyday functions.

  • Push – think pushups and shoulder press

  • Pull – try rowing, lat pulls

  • Hinge – bend and snap!

  • Squat – including lunges

  • Rotate or twist for flexibility and function


Finally, honor your intention and take it easy on yourself. We’re all struggling with limited time each day and week. The main thing is that you practice healthy habits consistently over time – and support your efforts along the way.


You're a rockstar, and don't let that calendar tell you otherwise!


Make it an amazing day,

Team Method3 Fitness


If you’re ready to keep things simple and focus on what works, our Campbell Personal Fitness Trainers are here to help you find a sustainable, simple route to your goals.  Fill out the "Request More Information Now" box above to receive your free consultation with our caring San Jose personal fitness trainers OR call us 408-371-1212 to connect.  We're looking forward to talking with you!


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