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The Power of Change: A Personal Trainer's Guide to Transformation

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The Power of Change: A Personal Trainer's Guide to Transformation

Ask any personal trainer and they will acknowledge that change can be hard.


We’ve all tried to fight one change or another, right?


But any experienced personal trainer will also tell you in full confidence that change doesn’t always have to be an uphill battle. In fact – here’s a big secret – change can be your greatest ally if you take the right mindset about it.

  • Lean into it. It might feel a little awkward, but you’ll get stronger the more you try it.

  • Accept it. You can’t change this anymore than you can stop a rainstorm on your vacation.

  • Embrace it. This is like unlocking a hidden power, turning the change into an advantage rather than a stumbling block. 


Now, doing the opposite of what feels natural can feel … well, unnatural right? It feels uncomfortable. But that feeling will pass – while your progress can be here to stay.


Imagine your child switching schools, requiring an earlier wake-up time. How would you handle it?

  • Write an angry letter to the school board saying you’re not going to do it? Nah.

  • Tell your 6-year-old she’s on her own from now on? Definitely not.

  • Realize this will give you 30 extra minutes of “me” time each morning to exercise? Yes!


We know it's a simplified example, but the point hits home. Life happens – change is a constant companion. And you can't dodge every change that comes your way, nor should you want to.


When you’re the one initiating a change, remember your desire for something new is stronger than the urge to dig in your heels. And that’s enough to tip the scales in your favor to adjust your mindset and take the next right step.


Embracing change isn't just about a mental shift; it's about action, too. So, when change knocks, open the door and say, "Yes."


And if you're still not thrilled? No worries.


It’ll change again, anyway!


And remember, you don't have to go through change alone. Our San Jose personal trainers are always here to help you create small sustainable changes to help you get active, gain energy, and get to feeling your best!


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