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Cracking the Code: Break Free from Unwanted Habits

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Cracking the Code: Break Free from Unwanted Habits

Have you ever tried to quit a habit? 

Depending on how long it has been a habit, it can be quite a challenge!

We’ve got a powerful tip for you today that can help.

Example: Let’s say you want to quit procrastinating.

The next time you find yourself procrastinating, STOP (at least momentarily). Then, ask yourself without any judgment involved:

  • What was happening just before you started procrastinating?
  • Where were you?
  • What were you thinking about?
  • What were you doing?
  • What were you feeling?
  • Those questions can help you unearth the ROOT CAUSE of your habit.

Nearly all of our habits serve a purpose. Or at least they did when we first started doing them.

They may have been a way to avoid stress, cope with a heavy workload, or offer a short escape from responsibilities.

But now the habit isn't helping. You've outgrown it!

When you can figure out the root cause SPARKING your habit, you are better equipped to find a new, upgraded solution (aka swap or stop the habit in favor of something aligned with your current goals).


So, the next time you catch yourself procrastinating, ask yourself, “What’s really going on here?”

Depending on your answer, here are a few solutions:

  • If you're overwhelmed by tasks: break them down into smaller, manageable steps and prioritize.
  • If you're bored or lacking motivation: find ways to make the task more engaging or consider exploring new interests.
  • If you're stressed about a task: practice relaxation techniques or use time management strategies.
  • If you're putting things off due to a lack of knowledge or skills: invest in learning or seek help.

For most people, this probably won’t be an overnight fix — but those rarely work anyway.

It WILL help you get to the core of what’s driving your habit, which can help you find ways to improve/eliminate the root cause.

Remember… almost every habit you have was created because it served a purpose (at least for a while) — and sometimes it just takes awareness to shift your actions.


Make it a great day,

The Method3 Fitness Team


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