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Unlock Your Fitness Goals: San Jose Personal Trainers Reveal the Power of Values-Based Goal Setting

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Unlock Your Fitness Goals: San Jose Personal Trainers Reveal the Power of Values-Based Goal Setting

Ever set a fitness or health goal that felt like something you had to drag yourself through?


And then, before you know it, found yourself quitting on it — yet again?


Our San Jose personal fitness trainers see clients struggle with this all the time...


We’ve all been there. We set big “important” goals — but when it's time to take action, we often fall short.


It starts off with small things like:

  • skipping a workout

  • ordering a burger and fries when you were planning on getting a salad 

  • drinking another cocktail when you promised yourself you’d stick to water 


And the list goes on… 


Sure, all of these things might be fine once in a while. But when they become more than “once in a while” — that’s when it becomes a challenge to break free from the habits that are no longer helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.


It could feel like you’re constantly playing tug-of-war with yourself…


And it’s not a fun place to be in.


But our San Jose fitness trainers have good news for you! There is a way out of this cycle. 


👉It’s called: Values-Based Goal Setting (VBG). 


Because when you set the right goal and have a realistic plan that fits your values (and life!) — it’s SO MUCH EASIER to stay on track. 


So grab a piece of paper and a pen, because it’s time to go to work!


Step 1: What’s your big goal? What do you want to accomplish? 

Example: Finish your first 5k, lose 20 pounds, or lower your blood pressure to 120/80.


Step 2: Use the following prompts to help you align your goal with your values and personality to create the best route for YOU to get there.

  • Split a piece of paper into three rows.

  • Label the first row “I’m the kind of person who…”, 

  • The second row “And it’s important to me that…”, 

  • And the row, “So I’d feel good about accomplishing…”

  • Then, fill it out in a way that’ll help you come up with a plan to achieve your goal! 


Aligning Your Values & Personality Worksheet Image
See how this is a little different than setting normal goals? 


Our San Jose personal trainers love this method because it blends your personality with what matters to YOU… so you can carve out a path that fits who you are.


Once you find your groove, it’s a matter of sticking to your plan, celebrating your small wins, and reminding yourself WHY you set your goal!


If you find yourself struggling with this, having a personal fitness trainer can help. 


It’s like having someone in your corner who not only knows WHAT to do — but reminds you WHY you need to do it on days you feel like giving up. 


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