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Stretching Tips from Our San Jose Personal Trainers

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Stretching Tips from Our San Jose Personal Trainers

Our San Jose personal trainers get it: stretching can feel like the most skippable part of your workout.

You've just crushed your session, and all you want to do is call it a day.

But hold up! Stretching is more than just an afterthought—it’s your body’s victory lap, a crucial step to seal in those hard-earned gains.

Here are some common excuses our San Jose personal trainers hear for skipping stretches and how to overcome them with ease and a bit of fun.

You skip stretching because… 

→ You’re mentally done with your workout, you’re tired, and it’s time to go home (or work, or wherever).

What to do about it: Treat it as a time to cool down and mentally unwind. Use this moment to transition from workout mode to relaxation mode, helping your body and mind recover.


→ It’s boring.

What to do about it: Change it up! Try a short yoga routine or find a podcast to listen to while you’re stretching.


→ It hurts.

What to do about it: Super tight muscles can be painful, plus pain may be a sign of injuries. Stretching shouldn’t hurt. Only go to the point of gentle tension, and if it doesn’t get better, get it checked out.


→ The payoff seems low for the amount of time it takes.

What to do about it: Use a foam roll or massage gun.


And if you DO end up skipping it (gasp)...


Our San Jose personal trainers want you to set aside 10 minutes later that day to stretch out all your major muscles. Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds. It’ll help you improve your flexibility and mobility. You can even do it while you watch TV. It’ll feel great, may help you sleep better, and your body will thank you later.


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that constantly forcing yourself to do things you don’t enjoy is the fast track to failure!


That’s why at Method3 Fitness, we'll work together to create a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle.


It doesn’t have to be complicated…


It just has to be consistent! 


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