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  • 14 Years Strong: Celebrating Our Anniversary and Community

    A special message from our Method3 Fitness Founder & Chief Motivator as we celebrate our 14th Anniversary: Can you believe it? Another year has flown by, and this weekend we're celebrating our 14th Anniversary! It's an incredible milestone that wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for making Method3 Fitness the vibrant community it is today. As we reflect on the past year, we have so much to be proud of. Together, we've achieved amazing milestones—from expanding our studio to include the Street Side Training Studio to enhancing our program designs based on the latest science-backed strategies for strength ....

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  • Stretching Tips from Our San Jose Personal Trainers

    Our San Jose personal trainers get it: stretching can feel like the most skippable part of your workout. You've just crushed your session, and all you want to do is call it a day. But hold up! Stretching is more than just an afterthought—it’s your body’s victory lap, a crucial step to seal in those hard-earned gains. Here are some common excuses our San Jose personal trainers hear for skipping stretches and how to overcome them with ease and a bit of fun. You skip stretching because… → You’re mentally done with your workout , you’re tired, and it’s time to go home (or work, or wherever). What to do about ....

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  • Travel-Friendly Workout: Core & Upper Body Fitness Routine

    We’ve got a special treat for you (insert our best coach “evil chuckle” here!). It’s a sneaky core and upper body workout that you can do almost anywhere… requires no equipment (although you can use some if you want)... and it takes just 10-15 minutes. This kind of workout is PERFECT for when you’re traveling or don’t have much time. But also… if you DO have more time, you can turn this already effective workout into a longer session by expanding the cardio breaks to 3-5 minutes. CORE & UPPER BODY BLAST Warm up with some easy cardio (brisk walking) and dynamic stretches (arm circles, trunk ....

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  • Balancing Summer Fun and Fitness: Tips for Staying on Track

    Ah, summertime! At last! That means fun in the sun, being outdoors as much as possible, traveling -- and taking a break from the strict schedule that rules the rest of the year. Not so fast! Don’t let those “lazy days of summer” totally disrupt your healthy habits and regular workouts. You don’t want to start all over in the fall having lost all your progress! Look, we get it. Winters and school years are long, and we hunker down to make our way through them. In a sense, it’s easy to follow your exercise routine when most weeks largely resemble the next. Then summer finally hits and bam! You’re too busy living life to ....

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  • Check-In and Charge Up: Your Mid-Year Goal Setting Guide

    So… we’re about halfway through 2024 — can you believe it? For us, that means it’s time for some big questions… Questions to help us reflect, refocus, and get excited about the rest of the year. And we hope they’ll do the same for you. Here are our questions if you want to follow along with us: What are you grateful for right now? (Starting your journal with gratitude is a great way to shift your mindset.) What big goals did you set for 2024 — and how is your progress going? How balanced is your “Wheel of Life”? Rank yourself 1-10 in the following categories: Health, ....

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  • Achieving Your Goals Even on Hard Days: Insights from Campbell Personal Trainers

    Our Campbell personal trainers know it’s easy to make the right decisions when everything’s going your way. So, the key to making them all the time is planning for when things don’t go your way. When you’re weak Or stressed Or sick or behind schedule or overcommitted or… Nurturing healthy habits in the long term isn’t about being unfailingly strong and resolute, never being tempted, never stumbling. It’s about stacking the deck in your own favor, knowing that some days will be challenging. So, here are a few steps from our Campbell personal trainers to make decision that align with your goals, even ....

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  • No-Cook, Nutrient-Packed Summer Recipes for Busy Days

    Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh, vibrant, and nutritious foods without spending hours in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking to cool down or keep up your energy, here are some easy, delicious, and nutrient-packed summer food ideas that require minimal effort. Smoothie Bowls: These are quick and easy to customize, packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and great for breakfast or a midday snack. Base: Blend your favorite fruits with yogurt, milk, or a dairy-free alternative. Toppings: Add granola, chia seeds, nuts, and fresh fruit slices for texture and nutrients. Salad Jars: A meal prep staple you can enjoy all week. ....

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  • Los Gatos Personal Trainers Share the Benefits of Accountability

    Here’s a secret from our Los Gatos personal trainers for anyone who wants to establish healthy habits like exercising regularly and eating right. Use a coach or accountability partner. The scientific research is clear: You’re more likely to achieve your goal that way. The right coach can help you shape your desires into goals, establish a structured plan, and provide useful feedback. They can also be accountability partners, as can a friend, colleague or family member who will support and challenge you. So, after you’ve found the right person, go ahead and share your commitments with others, track your progress, and celebrate ....

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  • Transform Your Day with This Simple Morning Routine

    Want to know a trick to help that’ll help you feel more grounded and focused on your goals? Something that’ll help you set the tone for the entire rest of the day? Well, it’s something that our personal trainers have been recommending clients do and it has completely transformed their days — so of course, we had to share it with you! It’s reading your values and goals every morning. Here’s why it works… Ever notice how stretching in the morning feels amazing for your body? Reading your values does the same thing, except for your mind. It helps center and refocus you on what truly ....

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  • Why Non-Negotiables are Key to Your Health and Fitness Journey

    If you don’t have a list of NON-NEGOTIABLES… You could be missing out on one of your best tools for staying on track when you find your healthy habits slipping away. Let’s say your schedule suddenly gets crazy. So you grab a takeout meal (or two)… miss a workout… and sleep takes a back seat. And before you know it, you feel back to square one. Instead, your non-negotiables can protect you from that happening in the first place. Non-negotiables are daily habits that you commit to, no matter what. They act as an anchor to your self-care, health, and well-being. They’re something you stick to ....

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