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  • Feed Your Focus: Our Campbell Personal Trainers Reveal How Your Daily Choices Shape Your Future

    Our Campbell Personal Trainers saw a stat recently about how the average adult spends more than 5 hours on their phone every day. Wow, right? … but this email isn’t about your phone. It’s about something bigger: your future… And the things that deserve to have a central place in your life. Because what you FEED — with your attention, thoughts, and actions — will become your FOCUS. And your FOCUS will grow to occupy a significant place in your life. Which makes it really important to monitor what you’re feeding. Are you cultivating positive, uplifting thoughts? Are you spending time ....

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  • Seizing the Day: How to Make the Most of Leap Year - Suggestions From Our San Jose Personal Trainers

    Today we’ve been given an INCREDIBLE gift… An extra day! 🤩 Yes, it's Leap Year Day — a day that comes only once every four years. But it's more than that. Our San Jose Personal Trainers think of it as a symbol of something most of us overlook: The power of extra time. Think about it… How often do we WISH for extra time? Well, this year, the universe is literally giving us an extra day. But here's the kicker... Most people will waste it. You don't want to be most people. Which leads us to a rewarding and fun little challenge for you: Take some time today… And use it to ....

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  • Unveiling the Power of Sleep: Your Heart's Best Defense

    Our personal trainers have got a BIG wake-up call for you today — about SLEEP! Did you know that if you don’t get enough sleep, your risk for heart disease and heart attack goes up… … no matter your age, your weight, how much you exercise, or whether you smoke ?!!! 😱 Plus, not getting enough sleep is linked with: Cognitive decline & dementia Depression Obesity We know we talk about sleep a lot, but the fact is… One of the BEST things you can do for yourself — mind, body, and spirit! — is set yourself for a good night of sleep every night. You’ll recover from your ....

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  • What Happens When You Do It Anyway

    You know those days when you finally leave work… … and the LAST thing you want to do is hit the gym, cook dinner, and tackle your never-ending to-do list? Have you ever thought about what happens when you say the heck with it… and DON’T do those things? In the moment it feels like a relief. But later? It can feel like a real letdown. Because choosing NOT to slack off — to do the thing anyway, especially after a tough day — is where real growth happens . Every time you choose to push through, you're not just working toward your goals… You're also building mental resilience and ....

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  • Heart-Healthy Fitness Cheat Sheet

    Our personal trainers have got a cheat sheet for you today… Be sure to save it because it’ll come in handy the next time you’re confused about the BEST exercises and workouts to do to reach your goals. Because — if your social feeds are anything like ours — chances are you’re being fed a TON of conflicting info. It can be hard to know what to do — or who to believe. The FOUR tried-and-true basics on this list are a no-fail way to boost your health AND your fitness. 4 Ways to Fast-Track Your Fitness Get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio OR 75 minutes of vigorous cardio every single ....

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  • Recognizing What You Don’t Want: Tips from Our Campbell Personal Trainers

    Controversial statement alert! You’ve heard (probably many times) how important it is to focus on what you WANT. And yes, it is important. Your “want” is like the carrot on the end of the stick, motivating you forward. 👉 But our Campbell Personal Trainers know that it’s also important to acknowledge what you DON’T want . Because that can also be a huge motivator. Just a few examples… You don’t want to feel sluggish and blah You don’t want your knees and back to hurt every time you stand up from your desk You don’t want to get that “ugh” feeling in the ....

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  • 10 Tips For a Healthier Heart

    Don’t you love a list? Our personal trainers do… especially if it cuts through the hype and makes my life EASY. That’s why we borrowed this list from the American Heart Association for you. It outlines 10 simple ways to streamline what you eat to help keep your heart (and entire body!) healthy, fit, and strong. And the best part? These tips will also help move you closer to your health/fitness goals. You’ll also see they aren’t focused on deprivation OR perfection — instead, it’s all about eating delicious, healthy, and nutrient-packed food! 10 Ways to Show Your Heart Some Love (with FOOD!) ....

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  • The Difference Between “Can” and “How”

    Imagine how different your life would be if instead of asking yourself: “Can I do that?” … You asked yourself: “HOW can I do that?” How many more opportunities would you go after? How many new things would you try? How many more possibilities would you see for your life? It’s wild how one tiny word can shift your perspective. Adding the “how” immediately puts you into action mode . Don’t believe us? Try this: You know that one goal you’ve been secretly thinking about? What if instead of thinking, “Can I [whatever your goal is]?” Can I lose ....

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  • Our San Jose Personal Trainers Are Here to Celebrate Hearth Health Month!

    Let’s talk about the most important muscle in your body… your heart! Chances are you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your heart, but it works SO HARD for you 24/7, 365 days a year! Our San Jose Personal Trainers want to share these eye-opening heart stats: It beats about 2.5 billion times (!!!) during your lifetime All of those heartbeats push millions of gallons of blood to every part of your body That blood carries oxygen, hormones, fuel, cells, and important compounds your body needs to function PLUS, blood whisks away waste products as it travels through your body When your heart stops, many of your body’s ....

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  • Surround Yourself With The Right People

    Do you remember those wise words your parents shared about avoiding "the wrong crowd"? Well, here's the flip side — they might not have mentioned it, but surrounding yourself with "the RIGHT crowd" is a game-changer for success in anything you do. There's an old saying that goes, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." And think about the wisdom in the African proverb, "It takes a village" — not just to raise a child, but to support adults on their journey too. Our Personal Trainers truly believe in the tremendous power of community. Your success is intricately linked to the people you choose to spend the most time with. If you aim ....

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